Valuable EMDR Resources

The facilitators listed below have superb EMDR skills and advanced EMDR training, all are eligible to provide EMDRIA approved consultation.

Cindy Browning, LCSW
Chatham and Montclair, NJ
(973) 727-7163
Areas of practice include, couples, families
addiction and combining EMDR with other
therapies, esp. Richard Schwartz's Internal
Family Systems Therapy.
Robin E. Gibbs, Ph.D.
White Plains and
(914) 686-9361
Areas of practice include mood
disorders, anxiety, phobias,
attachment and dissociative disorders,
child-hood trauma with adults and couples.
Also trained in Sensorimotor
Psychotherapy and EFT.
Howard Lipke, Ph.D.
Northwest Chicago Suburbs
(847) 275-7847
Works with Veterans, first responders and
their families. Author: EMDR and Psycho-
therapy Integration and Don't I Have
the Right to Be Angry. Other articles
available at
Rosemary Masters, J.D. LCSW
350 E. 82nd St. #8E
NY, NY 10028
(212) 289-3504
Works with issues of unresolved adult or
developmental trauma. Expertise working
with those affected by war and civil unrest.
Extensively trained in Internal Family Systems and psychoanalysis.
Bronwyn O’Neil, LCSW
230 E. 73rd St. #1A
NY, NY 10021/Montclair, NJ
(212) 988-9824/
(973) 783-3838x2
Areas of specialty include anxiety, mood/
personality disorder, affect regulation,
chronic pain and bereavement. Certified
in Marital, Family Therapy, Divorce
Meditation, DBT, Hypnosis and Brain
William M. Zangwill, Ph.D.
(212) 663-2989
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